From August 2017 to July 2018, our Focus is to...

  • work with employers of all sizes, locally, regionally and nationally,and using innovative approaches, to champion the 2017 Education and Training Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans.

  • support organisations and help them to develop their employees, of all ages, levels and within all sectors, to achieve professional recognition and meaningful development in a new range of apprenticeship options.

  • promote the commercial benefits of the 2017 Education and Training Apprenticeships to organisations, in support of achieving their own strategic objectives.


By working in partnership with employers and by maximising

technology we will:-

E - Energise

N - Nurture

A - Analyse

B - Believe

L - Lead

E – Enthuse

to have a positive impact on all businesses and their employees.


•Unparalleled Education and Training expertise

•Potential to maximise the Apprenticeship Levy costs

•Potential for being cost neutral and ensuring more for less

•Credible sector experience

•Ability to maximise dual professionalism

•Whole organisational approach

•Passion for quality

•Commitment to equality of opportunities


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