B- Business development-registers, contracting, .employers brokerage

E- Enabling employers and organisations to develop strategies to meet changes.

N- New (Apprenticeship ) industry Standards being created.

E- Effective policy/organisational change programmes.

F- Following 'Organisational Needs Analysis', facilitate the introduction of supportive and creative infrastructures. 

 I-  Introduce quality frameworks and safe systems of working- the road maps eg guides.

T- Training/development- English and Maths, Standards, End Point Assessments.

S- Standardise systems, processes, due diligence, contracts, kitemarks, inspections data and funding



Working with employers of all sizes, and using innovative approaches, champion the new Education and Training Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans for their employees of all ages, at all levels and within all sectors.

So what will this mean for all organisations:-

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